Laurent Condat

SEMINAIRE DU 7 mai 2015 – 15H @ LTCI – Amphi Saphir

Primal-dual forward-backward splitting for large-scale convex optimization

A wide array of estimation and restoration problems, in particular inverse imaging problems, can be formulated as large-scale convex optimization problems in Hilbert spaces: the goal is to minimize a sum of convex functions, possibly composed with linear operators. The forward-backward splitting technique, when applied in primal-dual product spaces, is a powerful umbrella that encompasses the classical forward-backward, Douglas-Rachford, and Chambolle-Pock algorithms. A useful extension with variable metric is discussed. Some applications in imaging are shown.

Slides  [pdf]

The Speaker

Laurent Condat is a permanent CNRS researcher at GIPSA-lab (Grenoble, France).

Related material

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